Wayne's Gear

So this is where it happens! 

This is a brief overview at what I use in terms of guitars, effects, amps etc. both live and in the studio. It'll be at the 50,000 ft view and it'll grow as I do. ;-) 

As most of you know, I've played my butterscotch JTR Samick for many, many years - this is the guitar in a lot of the pics on the site. I also played the Line 6 Variax from time to time; these are great if you dont want carry a bunch of guitars around but need a variety of sounds. The problem I've found is that they are EXTREMELY fragile; a bump here or there and the electronics go haywire. Also, they are not SWEAT friendly. I have a Variax with a blue flame-maple top that I pull out in the studio from time to time. 

I have a Parker that I play (the one with the piezo in the bridge) and a solid body Godin electric nylon string (with that beautiful light sunburst finish) that I play live. The Godin is also very helpful in the studio for sequencing parts.  

I have a custom Karmouraska nylon string which I dont take out anymore but is a great writing and recording guitar. 

For acoustic steel strings I use Seagull Guitars. 

I just bought a cherry red Custom Shop Fender Strat and a semi-hollow Jay Terser Tele, which I totally am I love with. Cant wait to start doing shows with these babies!! 

For EFX I used to be one of those "whatever works" guys but now I'm becoming even more picky on my tone. I have boxes full of pedals and old rack gear that I have collected over the years and I'll use anything that I think could help for whatever project I am working on. 

For computer effects -I've been using line 6 amp farm and UX 2 for a long time as well as Eleven from ProTools. 

Many different computer plug-ins and effects: many, mdelays and reverbs chorus, harmonizers and other cool sounds that are inside the computer programs that I use: both Nuendo and Reason and even Acid.

For Live gigs 

I am not on the road as much as I used to be - but ease of operation is an incredibly important to me, in terms of live playing - I have used many different multi-effects units over the years so that travel, set-up, breakdown and cartage is as easy as possible. For me, though I find the ease of programming and on-the-spot twiddling cumbersome with multi-fx units so I have gone back to pedals. I find the quality and integrity of sound much higher than in previous years.  

That said, FX units I have used most are the boss GT series and the Line 6 Helix. I also used Digitech for many years. 

Lately however I have been using various stomp boxes as I am looking for a clearer, not as effected tone. This seems in keeping with a more bluesy approach, not so histronic . So my current pedals are: 

Reverb: Digitech Polara (absolutely gorgeous...uses the Lexicon chips) 
Delay: Digitech Obscura (again, gorgeous) 
Tremelo: I use an Digitech iStomp shell and I download effects as needed (not sure which tremolo this is but sounds great) 
Distortion: Fulltone Ful-Drive 2 pedal 
Overdrive: Electro-Harmonix Soul Food 
Wah: Cry Baby Mini Wah 

I use an Ernie Ball Volume pedal and a Digitech Whammy occasionally 

I love play in stereo but this is not always possible. Fender Twin Reverbs or HotRod Deluxes seem to be the most consistent available option world-wide. Roland JC-120s work in a pinch. 

I have a Tech 21 Trademark 60 which I love for live and recording. I have an old Peavey that I'll pull out for that solid-state sound that only a Peavey can do. 

I use Pedaltrain boards and my pics are Jim Dunlop 208 (thicker than a quarter, which I used to use but sawed thru strings!!). 

This page will be a work in progress... and I will update it as often as I can. All the best,