About Wayne 

Held in high regard, Detroiter Wayne Gerard combines his mastery of the guitar with his love for production and composition to produce the total package. 

The first concert Wayne ever saw was the rock group KISS. This show ignited his passion with the guitar and he quickly went from comic book nerd to fronting his own band by age 15! This passion took him on a musical journey that has spanned rock, blues, Hip-Hop, punk, funk and eventually to Wayne State University where he studied Jazz Composition. He was awarded the Liberace scholarship and this experience gave him the foundation he needed to become the musician he is today. The pivotal point in Gerard's musical development came when he met Bob James, whose sophisticated and jazzy approach enabled Wayne to cross genres with inspired vision.  

With numerous recordings and productions under his belt, he has also toured and performed with the likes of Bob James, Stevie Wonder, Angela Bofill, Warren Hill, Marion Meadows, Paul Taylor and many others. He has scored 10 feature length and short films as well as providing music for numerous film trailers and commercials. He was one of only 15 artists on to get over a million downloads and his song 'Blue Mesa' was no. 1 on the charts for over 6 months!! He licenses music from his extensive catalog for TV and film and currently has music in over 50 shows from KUWTK, Oprah, History Channel and more. 

Wayne's first CD under his own name was released in 2007. 'Outside In' was his first solo foray into pop, R&B, Hip Hop and Jazz. He is currently putting the final touches on a CD that takes his soulful, blues-based guitar style and puts it to much-loved pop songs he's heard growing up. It's called 'Hearing Voices' and it will be the first of many CDs to focus on strictly vocal-based music from Wayne's early years. "I will always have a soft spot in my heart for jazz but I truly loved the songs my mom played in the house when I was a boy. I also have songs that I heard on the radio growing up that make me feel good every time I hear them. These songs take me back to simpler times. I hope my voice on the guitar brings listeners to that same feeling when they hear this CD!"
Look for 'Hearing  Voices' this fall with live shows to follow!

Stevie Wonder 
Don Was 
Bob James 
Nathan East
Chuck Loeb
Victor Bailey
Poogie Bell
Jessy J
Althea Rene
Warren Hill 
Phyllis Hyman 
Stanley Clarke 
Lenny White 
Marian Meadows 
Geri Allen 
Harvey Mason  
Norman Brown 
Alex Bugnon 
Kenny G 
Nick Colionne 
Eric Darius 
Jeff Golub 
Jonathan Butler 
Gerald Albright 
Ronnie Laws 
Paul Taylor 
Peter White 
Jeff Lorber 
Eric Marienthal 
Euge Groove 
Angela Bofill 
George Duke 
Ken Navarro 
Chris Botti 
Marcus Miller 
David Sanborn 
Everette Harp 
Earl Klugh 
Dave McMurray 
Patti Smith 
Cindy Bradley 
Pieces of a Dream 
Grover Washignton, Jr
Jackiem Joyner
Phil Denny
Lindsey Webster

Alexander Zonjic 
Royce Javan 
Kimmie Horne 
Ortheia Barnes 
Norma Jean Bell 
Sean Blackman 
Marcus Belgrave
Bugs Beddow 
Carolyn Striho 
Walter White 
Ben Sharkey

Bob James - "Joy Ride" 
Marian Meadows "Soul City"
Bob James - "Urban Flamingo"  (co-wrote title track)
Al Turner - "Movin'" 
Leroy Hyter - "Frederick Douglass Project" 
Althea Rene - "Unstoppable" 
Jazz FM - "Ocean Drive" 
Wayne Gerard - "Outside In" 
WG - "Vision" 
Dave McMurray - "NuLife Stories" 
Dave McMurray - "Soul Searching" 
Dave McMurray - "Peace of Mind" 
Dave McMurray - "My Brother and Me" 
Paul Randolph - "In the Company of Others"
Ron Otis - Forthcoming
Afro Cubano Chant Vol 2 - Self-titled 
King Gordy - "The Entity"(Eminem exec-produced) - the song "Stress" produced by WG 
Paradime - "Better Days" (Kid Rock writer/rapper/DJ) produced by WG 
Paradime - "Mr Dime" (Kid Rock writer/rapper/DJ) produced by WG 
Paradime - "Oh No!" (Kid Rock writer/rapper/DJ) produced by WG  
The Motor City Horns - "The Introduction" produced by WG 
Bugs Beddow - "Yudaman" co-produced by WG 
Patti Smith - "The Hunter Gets the Game" (not released) 
Carolyn Striho - "Reminiscing About The Future" 
Rayse Biggs - "For the Love of It" 

Outside In 

Madonna - "Music", Maverick (white label) 
Peter Gabriel - "Shock the Monkey", Real World (20th aniversary remix) 
Tony Yayo ft, Young Buck - "So Seductive", Aftermath  
Pitchshifter "Get Up", Sanctuary 
Dr. Fink (keyboardist for Prince and The Revolution) "Ultrasound", CD Baby 

Atmospheria Vol 1 
Atmospheria Vol 2 

Hammersmith Odeon Theatre  
Newport Jazz Festival 
Sea Breeze Jazz Festival 
Detroit International Jazz Festival 
Winter Park Jazz Festival 
San Francisco Symphony 
Windsor Symphony 

2014 I Behind the Door  
2011 Henry Dobbs 
2011 The Senator's Daughter 
2011 Blind Dates  
2010 Paranormal Proof  
2010 The Verdict  
2010 Flowers for Norma  
2005 Waiting on Alphie  
2005 Soccer Mom 

Liberace Scholarship at Wayne State University 
Best Produced Jazz CD (Bugs Beddow, "Yudaman", Produced by WG, AL Ayoub and Bugs) Metro Times Music Awards 
Best Jazz Ensemble 3X w Alexander Zonjic 
Winner, Sony Remix contest (Geri King "Not the Man")